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13 February, 2014 — It is no bigger than a suburban family kitchen but on Friday morning more than 20 shoppers - plus staff - squeezed into the snug Swanston Street space that is home to Japanese retailer Uniqlo's first Australian pop-up store.  
10 February, 2014 — The Greater Shepparton Business Centre will be running a series of free interactive courses to help local business and community groups improve their digital strategy and overall awareness of how digital tools can help them.  
23 January, 2014 — Shepparton is excited to hear the experinces of Winter Olympian Alisa Camplin, who will be able share her secrets of sucess in both sport and her personal life at the next GV BraIN event.  
22 January, 2014 — Building & Planning Activity January 2014 Monthly data provided from the Building and Planning Department.  
22 January, 2014 — Q: When customers move on – how do you stop them from moving on from your business?  
20 January, 2014 — A group of Shepparton orchardists were drinking imported cider together when they came to the realisation that there was the potential to create a local cider from their own backyard.  
20 January, 2014 — Are you a member of the public keen to know where funds are spent, or a contractor/consultant interested in tendering for work with Greater Shepparton City Council?  
20 January, 2014 — Join renowned coach Trent Taylor - author of “Have your cake and eat it too” in a day that will set you on a path to doubling your profits and to become part of the BIGGEST HAIRIEST, MOST AUDACIOUS GOAL ever set by a business community!  
10 January, 2014 — Council would like to remind its residents of their responsibilities and restrictions relating to fires being lit in the open air.  
10 January, 2014 — Greater Shepparton City Council is encouraging residents to look out for their family and neighbours during the forecast heatwave conditions next week.  
17 December, 2013 — Greater Shepparton City Council's main offices will close from 3pm on Tuesday 24 December 2013 and re-open at 8.15am on Thursday 2 January 2014.  
29 November, 2013 — The Greater Shepparton City Council has been helping drive the Christmas spirit with the recent installation of decorations.  
21 November, 2013 — Shepparton’s Vaughan St has reopened after a 16-week redevelopment. The new streetscape, called Vaughan Central, involved upgrades to the road underground infastructure, a new taxi rank and easier pedestrian access.  
21 November, 2013 — An opportunity to hear how companies can tap into the export opportunities that Middle East is offering will be available. The Middle East is a significant importer of Victorian goods and services, representing the single largest importer of Victorian automobiles and a substantial importer of food and beverage. Water technology, environmental design and construction, rail, equine and other infrastructure sectors should also consider this lecture. Forum attendees will gain a first-hand understanding of the opportunities this market can offer and how to forge new connections with potential qualified customer, business partners and investors.  
21 November, 2013 — Planning Activity November 2013 Monthly data provided from the Planning Department  
19 November, 2013 — Are you a member of the public keen to know where funds are spent, or a contractor/consultant interested in tendering for work with Greater Shepparton City Council?  
19 November, 2013 — The Victorian Coalition Government today launched an online service to connect newly arrived skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals with Victorian employers  
19 November, 2013 — An investigation has found Italian tomatoes are being dumped into Australian market. The anti-dumping commission indicated that Australian processor, SPC Ardmona, is being harmed by unfairly cheap imports and recommended new tariffs be imposed.  
15 November, 2013 — Lloyd's Produce Store operating from Emerald Bank is an organisation that is "giving it a go" in Greater Shepparton. Their passionate team have recently taken over the business and they injected their love of regional, fresh produce, locally grown food and wine. Walking through the store it becomes evident that the business has capitalised on the recent craze of “Locally Grown”.  
6 November, 2013 — At the request of the Productivity Commission inquiry into safeguards against processed fruit imports, Greater Shepparton City Council will be making the Essential Economic Report publicly available which details the anticipated economic impact of the withdrawal of SPC Ardmona operations from the Goulburn Valley.  
6 November, 2013 — On the 31st of October the Greater Shepparton Investment Attraction department held a breakfast workshop hosted by Gilbert Rochecouste.  
4 November, 2013 — Residents and business owners will have the chance to hear from Australian businessman and 14th richest person in Australia, Lindsay Fox AC at the next Goulburn Valley Business Rural and Industry Network's (GV BRaIN) event.  
27 October, 2013 — Employing the right staff can make the differnce to the success of your business. So where do you Start? This Seminar will outline the important issues and regulations relating to employing staff as well as guiding you through the best practice to ensure the staff you choose are the right ones for your business.  
25 October, 2013 — Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes today announced a new guide to help retailers and the local government to create a vibrant and sustainable retail industry in north east Victoria.  
24 October, 2013 — Building & Planning Activity October 2013 Monthly data provided from the Building and Planning Department  

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