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13 September, 2013 — With an industry on the brink of collapsing, a group of retrenched Girgarre Heinz workers got together to start a Food Cooperative which would defy all odds and produce pasta and sauce products.  
13 September, 2013 — There is no doubt that the Greater Shepparton economy is in a state of change.  
13 September, 2013 — Australia’s largest supermarket Woolworths is conducting discussions with SPC Ardmona to convert its branded fruit products to locally grown and processed fruit.  
12 September, 2013 — Greater Shepparton ratepayers will soon receive their 2013/2014 rates notice in the mail.  
27 August, 2013 — As a follow-up to VECCI’s latest briefing series conducted through regional Victoria, outlined below is an overview of the recent and upcoming changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 which include, new family friendly measures, increased powers to the Fair Work Commission (“FWC”) and changes to union right of entry.  
27 August, 2013 — Despite the winter weather experienced on Friday and Saturday, this year’s Shepparton Winter City Market has been hailed as a great success by traders, with many stating it was the biggest that Shepparton has seen. Thousands of locals flocked to the CBD over the two big days in a bid to grab a bargain and enjoy the abundance of free entertainment on offer.  
26 August, 2013 — Are you a member of the public keen to know what government grants are available , or a contractor/small business owner interested in applying for government grants.  
26 August, 2013 — On behalf of Greater Shepparton City Council, we would like to introduce you to an exciting event happening in our local area on Saturday 26th October, the Garage Sale Trail  
22 August, 2013 — Building & Planning Activity August 2013  
20 August, 2013 — Are you a member of the public keen to know where funds are spent, or a contractor/consultant interested in tendering for work with Greater Shepparton City Council?  
20 August, 2013 — The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2003 as the peak body helping to fund, fuel and connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Australia.  
20 August, 2013 — The Employment Start Up for Business program is a direct response to Victorian small and medium sized (SME) businesses that are experiencing difficulty in filling job vacancies.  
16 August, 2013 — Shepparton retailers are breaking out of the winter chill with winter savings across the city to warm the whole family. This year Shepparton’s Winter City Market arrives with two big days of savings on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 August.  
14 August, 2013 — The next Goulburn Valley Business Rural and Industry Network (GV BRaIN) will give attendees the opportunity to hear from one of Australia’s leading Economists.  
1 August, 2013 — The Greater Shepparton Business Centre (GSBC) is proud to be part of Victoria’s Small Business Festival during August 2013.  
31 July, 2013 — A delegation from the Greater Shepparton City Council headed to Canberra yesterday to present to the Productivity Commission Safeguard Inquiry into the importation of processed fruit and tomatoes.  
29 July, 2013 — Monthly data provided from the Building and Planning Department.  
29 July, 2013 — NBN Co today announced the start of construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Shepparton, releasing a detailed map showing the area covered by the first construction module.  
29 July, 2013 — Greater Shepparton Business Centre is offering the free government-funded ‘Apprentice to Business owner’ program.  
29 July, 2013 — The North East Small Business Festival runs from 1–31 August with multiple low-cost and free events throughout the North East of Victoria. The festival will give small businesses the opportunity to learn practical new skills and access new ideas to help boost their productivity and competitiveness.  
24 July, 2013 — Advance Victoria and help shape your business future  
24 July, 2013 — Are you a member of the public keen to know where funds are spent, or a contractor/consultant interested in tendering for work with Greater Shepparton City Council?  
23 July, 2013 — Greater Shepparton City Council has developed a new Procurement Policy and a Greater Shepparton Local Economic Impact Statement (LEIS) which will come into effect on 1 July 2013. Greater Shepparton City Council's Procurement Policy encourages a focus on local industry, including creating local employment and improving local businesses.  
23 July, 2013 — With an industry on the brink of collapsing a term “Never Give Up” is often thrown around but when a group of retrenched Girgarre Heinz workers grouped together to start a Food Co Operative they were not aware of the challenge they had signed on.  
23 July, 2013 — Recent unemployment data shows a slight decrease in unepmloyment within the City of Greater Shepparton.  

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