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21 April, 2015 — Could your business do with a marketing Makeover? Need some help with your sales strategy? Want a hearty dose of motivation?  
20 April, 2015 — The Government procurement process can be daunting for many small business owners. This workshop guides you through the process and examines how Government evaluates responses, increasing your chances of success  
20 April, 2015 — Define your business individuality and personality and learn how to market it.  
15 April, 2015 — If your Business is looking for new staff, wanting to grow or develop new relationships.  
15 April, 2015 — The GV Food Co-operative and the Australian Grown Food Company are breaking new ground in setting up what they are calling The REAL Food Connect. The group that was born as Heinz in Girgarre died, now has members across Australia and believes it is building on the industry initiatives developed in local Economic Development Strategies.  
15 April, 2015 — GV BRaIN presents Gillon McLachlan in Shepparton on Wednesday 6 May 2015  
24 March, 2015 — Greater Shepparton was today named host of the 2015 and 2016 Teachers’ Games event.  
24 March, 2015 — Mobile devices are the future for browsing the web.  
24 March, 2015 — However good your business idea, taking the plunge and starting your own business can be a daunting process. Making the right moves at this early stage can help set your new business on the road to success.  
25 February, 2015 — How is a Mentor going to help me?  
25 February, 2015 — Become a Shepparton Festival Patron, contributions are now tax deductable.  
25 February, 2015 — Greater Shepparton is the place to be this Labour Day long weekend, jam-packed with a range of events sure to please everyone.  
24 February, 2015 — This program targets small and medium enterprises, including micro businesses.  
24 February, 2015 — Are you a member of the public keen to know where funds are spent, or a contractor/consultant interested in tendering for work with Greater Shepparton City Council?  
24 February, 2015 — Monthly data provided from the Greater Shepparton Planning Department.  
20 February, 2015 — There are so many options out there for businesses to harness the internet and digital technology to improve their offerings to customers, improve profits and efficiencies and grow business.  
20 February, 2015 — Business Planning Basics is all about putting in place the essential framework to help move your business forward. Beginning with a review of your current business situation, this seminar examines a number of practical planning processes, taking you through the steps to achieve your business goals.  
19 January, 2015 — Community groups are encouraged to apply for a share of over $100,000 in round 2 of Greater Shepparton City Council's 2014/2015 grants program.  
13 January, 2015 — The ABAP Program is a free service offering Business & Personal Coaching,Business Support,Networking Workshops and Opportunities  
13 January, 2015 — Support local new businesses, have you considered or wondered about Bowen Therapy?  
13 January, 2015 — Trade Mission to Food & Hotel Indonesia - April 2015  
13 January, 2015 — A bumper year for events in Greater Shepparton 2014 has seen Greater Shepparton’s reputation as an events destination further strengthen, with more than 270 events hosted in the region or supported in kind and financially by Council.  
12 January, 2015 — The Victorian government is leading the way with the Enterprise Strategy for Young People and we are extremely excited to be working in partnership with Young People and the government to deliver the Getting Down to Business program.  
9 January, 2015 — Monthly data provided from the Greater Shepparton Planning Department.  
29 July, 2014 — Gentlemen, get out your suave suits. Ladies, get out your 'Bond Girl' dresses.  

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