Shepparton Roof Restoration Pty Ltd

Shepparton Roof Restoration Pty Ltd

All types of roof, tile or tin. Long term results and major savings!

All work and materials guaranteed

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  • repair maintenance
  • de-moss roofs
  • re-bed & re-point
  • re-spray to color of your choice (2 coat & sealer)
  • de-nail & tek screw tin roofs
  • storm damage
  • sealing & re-coloring
  • specialist in cement & terracotta tiles

Over 20 years experience

Full roof makeover company.

Contact: Stephen or Anthony on 03 5832 1145 or 0423 960 004 (after hours)

Shepparton Roof Restoration Pty Ltd is a tenant of Greater Shepparton Business Centre. Learn about our facilities here.