NetGain is one of approximately 50 organisations Australia wide providing the NEIS program (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme).

NetGain is a not-for-profit organisation with a head office based in Seymour and offices located in Shepparton, Wangaratta, Wodonga, and Echuca. NetGain is one of approximately 50 organisations Australia-wide providing the NEIS program.

The NEIS program was started in 1986 and has a success rate of 90% after 5 years in Victoria.

The NEIS program is free to all eligible clients to assist in the starting up of a new business. The course offers a six week full time training program covering all the important managerial skills needed to establish a successful business. These include:

  • Legal aspects including ownership structures, registration of business name, insurances, contracts, new tax legislation relating to small business, superannuation, licences, permits, codes of practise and intellectual property.
  • Marketing including identifying target markets, customer profiles, gathering statistics, conducting research, promotion strategies, location, pricing suppliers and support.
  • Financial strategies including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, break even points, contribution margins amd pricing strategies.
  • Record keeping including petty cash, cash receipts and payments records and bank reconciliations.

To be eligible participants need to be:

  • On an eligible benefit from Centrelink
  • Aged over 18 and under 65
  • Be starting a new business
  • Be able to demonstrate a uniqueness or need for that business idea

Participants compile a business plan during the course which is presented to a panel to be approved for on going support for up to twelve months. This includes income support (non means tested) and mentor support.

Contact: 1800 356 400 or 0427 688 758

NetGain is a tenant of Greater Shepparton Business Centre. Learn about our facilities here.