Mind Relic Consulting

Mind Relic Consulting

Offering both In House and Outsourced Training Solutions. We identify Technology, Training, and Processes to take your Business to the next level.

Our Outsourcing Solutions cover Business Verticals including both Critical and Non Critical components. We provide Specialist ICT Consultants delivering Complete, Innovative and Effective solutions.

  • Consulting: We provide customization and implementation of software packages & assist in choosing the right software, acquiring the necessary hardware, performing the configuration, and training end users & work in partnership with clients to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems.
  • Training: Training experts who design tailored programs reflective of specific business processes, key terminology, and the unique end user tasks, reliant on Real Life Business Scenarios, improving information security, comply with regulations and increase the return on software investment.
  • ICT Solutions:  We work in partnership with clients & help them to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems. We also provide strategic guidance to clients with regard to technology, IT infrastructures and enabling major business processes through enhancements to IT.
  • Outsourcing: Accounts Payable & Receivable outsourcing through managing both the Non Critical and Business Critical processes. Full payroll outsourcing solutions. Our contracts are less FTE-based and more outcome-based, with emphasis on transition strategy and staff enablement.
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Contact: Sushant Mukherjee on (03) 8797 5280 or feedback@mindrelicconsulting.com.au

Mind Relic Consulting is a tenant of Greater Shepparton Business Centre. Learn about our facilities here.