The VECCI Victoria Summit 2013 

Posted on 24 Jul 2013

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It was published in July 2013, so the information may be out-of-date.

Advance Victoria and help shape your business future

VECCI will be holding its fourth Victoria Summit on 10 October 2013, to help develop a business agenda for presentation to the major parties in the lead up to the 2014 state election. The agenda will be developed by business, for business.

The Victoria Summit provides an opportunity for business people to share ideas on the challenges and opportunities facing Victoria and the policy reforms needed to advance Victorian productivity, investment and job creation.
This year, the Summit will explore a number of themes vital to the continued success of Victorian business and Victoria's economy:

  •  Competitive Victoria - shaping recommendations to ensure Victoria continues to experience sustained economic growth and business success.
  •  Smart Victoria - exploring how we can build our workforce skills and competencies, to raise productivity and improve workplace participation.
  •  International Victoria - investigating how we can broaden and deepen our international engagement, capitalising on the Asian Century.
  •  Liveable Victoria - examining how Victoria can extend its liveability credentials, improving the economic and social wellbeing of individuals and communities.

By contributing your ideas to the Victoria Summit, you can actively influence your own business future. You can be involved by completing the Victoria Summit Ideas Collection Form, which is available at the attached link.

Issues and ideas raised within each theme will facilitate the development of reform recommendations and priorities. These recommendations will be presented to the major political parties at the main Summit event that will be held at Parliament House, Melbourne, on 10 October 2013. Further information can be found at their website.  

Help the business community to generate a powerful and practical business agenda in the lead-up to the 2014 state election by having your say.