Tuesday Tips

Posted on 23 Mar 2021

Please note: this is an old article

It was published in March 2021, so the information may be out-of-date.

Hashtags (#) have been an essential to use on Instagram since the beginning. Now platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are putting more emphasis on them too.

So, should you use them on social media?

Answer is YES!

On Instagram – you should be using 30 relevant ones every time you post – 30 opportunities to be found basically.  But make sure you are using hashtags that are relevant to the post and that will want to show up in.  Using 30 hashtags that have 1 million posts again them is useful – so think strategically about using them.

On Facebook and LinkedIn – use up to 5 hashtags that you want to be found for.

Not sure what’s trending in your industry as far as hashtags go – head to google and search “trending hashtags for (insert industry)”.

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