Tuesday Tips

Posted on 16 Feb 2021

Going live on video!  Video is king and live video is the ultimate marketing tool we have.  But so many of us don’t use video or live video in our marketing.

So, here’s a few tips to help you go live on video in your business.

  • Write dot points on a sticky note or type them – dot points, not a script – let it FLOW
  • Wear something comfortable you don’t need to dress up and you want to look (and more importantly feel) comfortable
  • Be comfortable, be real – mistakes will happen, umms, arrrrhhh, they’re ok – that’s human! Just let it flow.  The more takes you do, the more frustrated and unlikely to finish you’ll get.
  • Ask people to comment and engage, say hi to the people who turn in. Invite engagement.  Invite people who watch the replay to engage too – encourage them to use the hashtag #replay and you’ll answer their questions too.
  • Give yourself a HIGH FIVE once you’re done – because now you’ve done what most won’t.

Videos, live videos should be fun, natural and organic – let your human-ness shine through!

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