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Posted on 5 Jan 2021

Please note: this is an old article

It was published in January 2021, so the information may be out-of-date.

New Year, New You - Time for a Business Clean up and Clean out!

Here's 8 ideas to nudge you into some 'new year cleaning' of your business:

  • 1. Canva - if you use www.canva.com<http://www.canva.com/> then you
    probably have a gazillion photos uploaded to it - take some time and delete
    the uploaded photos you won't use again. Scrolling through 100's of photos
    is no fun for anyone!
  • 2. Still sticking to Canva here - start creating files for your different
    creatives - get in there and organise all your posts, cover photos, manuals,
    slide shows etc - give yourself a gift of being able to find things quicker!
  • 3. Emails - today is the day to tackle those. Unsubscribe to the ones
    you NEVER read, and delete, delete, delete. Put them in order of "from" and
    just start - it will take some time, but you will be thanking yourself
    later! PS - if you find people you haven't connected with for ages, but
    might be a good lead, send them a "hey, haven't spoken in a while but ."
    email - you never know where your next sale is coming from!
  • 4. Clean your office - your physical office. Get the bin and get
    throwing! Get rid of all those loose papers with important things on them!
    If you want to keep them, take a photo of them with your phone or scan them
    into your notes on your phone - and throw away the hard copy. Clean office,
    clean head!
  • 5. Create a folder system in google drive - start-a-fresh in 2021
  • 6. Archive and backup your hard drive onto a separate hard drive - of
  • 7. Consider updating your equipment - what needs to be updated? Perhaps
    a new monitor (how many is too many right?!?)
  • 8. Update your bookwork - get your finances in order!
    No one else is going to do it - so you just need to make some time and get
    it done! Mark the days out on your calendar, and have no excuses!
    Clean office, clean head!

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