Payment Times and Practices Survey 

Posted on 16 Jan 2017

Please note: this is an old article

It was published in January 2017, so the information may be out-of-date.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) is conducting a nationwide survey to gain an understanding of the issues and effects of late payments on small business.

The purpose of this survey is to understand how late payments affect Australian small businesses, how owners and operators set payment times, the impacts and effects on business and what actions small businesses currently take in relation to late payments.

Results from this survey will inform the Late Payment Times and Practices Inquiry and will complement submissions from business, industry and interested parties.

The ASBFEO and the VSBC intend to consult as broadly as possible to establish an accurate picture of the trends that have emerged in the commercial arrangements between large and small businesses, along with governments and small enterprises, and the impact these trends are having.  

The VSBC will be conducting stakeholder consultations in early 2017 (details will be released soon).  In the meantime, we are asking for your assistance in promoting this survey to encourage as many small businesses as possible to participate. 

Survey responses are anonymous and takes approximately 10 minutes. 

The survey can be accessed via ASBFEO website HERE or the direct link is HERE

For more information about the Payments Times & Practices Inquiry please contact: 

 Phone: 1300 650 460