Meet Our New Tenants

Posted on 19 Jun 2017

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It was published in June 2017, so the information may be out-of-date.

Naz and Ashley Narrazee and their sons, Sky (eldest) and Lill (youngest), were born via IVF. They started their business for their children and with the both of them in mind. It was always family first.

Naz and Ashleys Story:

Initially, we started our own businesses at home and left our day job in the fields of architecture and medical science because we felt the urge to be independent, it’s a hard journey and not everyone understands how difficult it can be to start your own business, especially with no support. The rewards are fulfilling, especially being able to always keep the family together, that has been our objective from the start and we work hard to protect that everyday. The possibilities when running a business is limited by one’s imagination and that’s what we love about it. We love to explore new things, new ideas, make it into reality. The possibilities are endless. 

We wanted to do something that would benefit us as well as the environment. Knowing that we were going to have children, nappies were definitely a big burden in our minds with the amount of negative environmental impact disposables had. With that in mind we made modern cloth nappies, which we’ve branded as Narrazee’s BabyZee. Fast-forward 4 years later, we now make the following brands: 

Narrazee Pets, which also includes Narrazee K9 and Narrazee C8. Narrazee Pets is our pet accessories company that make high quality pet gear at affordable prices. We have over 60 stockists in just 2 years. Recently we are proud to have WB Hunter as part of our growing number of retailers.

Our motto for Narrazee Pets is “The secret to happy pets”.

As for Narrazee’s BabyZee, this involves all things baby, specifically eco baby products. We make one of the best modern cloth nappies that are affordable and of high quality as well. They’re leak proof nappies! Our motto is “The secret to happy babies”.

The Greater Shepparton Business Centre was such a beautiful sight. It started off as something spontaneous to see what it was all about and check out if we could utilise their help. We also wanted to know what it would cost us to expand into a better and bigger place. Everyone we met has been so warm and open, they were serious about letting us grow and be successful. It was such a nice change to be able to just focus on growing our business in the sense where we could dramatically minimise our cost while expanding and the half way line before we ventured into a full-scale industrial warehouse.

They had everything that we needed and more! We needed the extra space to design, make and grow our product lines. We also had more room to store all of them! The GSBC also allowed for us to utilise their manpower, so that we could go get more external sales. Having their support means we could disappear for weeks on end while still being able to receive items when we needed them.

We love that they’re there for you if you need them, but if you need time for yourself to develop, they’ll let you be. Mentorship and guidance is always on hand, and if not, the team at GSBC will certainly point you in the right direction!