Greater Shepparton Heritage Grants Program 2019/2020

Posted on 25 Jul 2019

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It was published in July 2019, so the information may be out-of-date.

The Program aims to enhance, conserve and protect places and sites included in the Heritage Overlay, and to increase public awareness and understanding of heritage sites across Greater Shepparton.

Greater Shepparton City Council, in association with the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee, offers a Heritage Grants Program to maintain and conserve properties within the Heritage Overlay.

Owners of properties in Greater Shepparton within a Heritage Overlay are encouraged to apply for grants to assist in the conservation of these places for future generations to appreciate.

Grants of up to $15,000 are available but are generally only for 50% of the cost of works recommended for funding on a $1 to $1 basis.  The Heritage Grants Program seeks to promote good conservation practice (maintenance, preservation, reconstruction or restoration) works that improve the physical security or appearance of a place, whilst being respectful of the place’s significance.

The Greater Shepparton Heritage Grants Program for the 2019/2020 financial year opens on Monday, 22 July 2019. You can find more information HERE

Please contact the Building and Planning Department on 03 5832 9730 if you have any queries regarding the Heritage Grants Program.