Info sessions for storm affected homes, businesses

Posted on 10 Apr 2013

Please note: this is an old article

It was published in April 2013, so the information may be out-of-date.

Council is holding information sessions for residents and businesses in the areas worst affected by the storm of 27 February 2013.

“While we’ve been in contact with many residents at various times since the storm, these meetings are an opportunity for Council to meet with people, to hear their experiences and to discuss the work Council  is doing to mitigate flash flooding after heavy rainfall,” said Ms Kaye Thomson, Director Community for Greater Shepparton City Council.

“In order to be as useful as possible, the meetings have each been organised to target individual neighbourhoods,” Ms Thomson said. The meetings will be held over two weeks in May at Council’s offices at 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton.

The schedule of meetings is as follows:

  • Ross Alan Drive & King Richard Drive, Monday 6 May, 5.30pm  Hunter Room
  • Orchard Circuit,   Tuesday 7 May,  5.30pm Hunter Room
  • Dobson Estate,  Wednesday 8 May,  5.30pm Council Boardroom
  • Davies Drive & Blossom Way / Mason Court, Monday 13 May, 5.30pm Council Boardroom
  • Crestwood Grove,   Tuesday 14 May, 5.30pm  Hunter Room
  • Businesses, Wednesday 15 May,  5.30pm Hunter Room
  • Connelly Estate, Monday 20 May 2013, 5.30pm, Council Boardroom.

“I encourage people in the affected areas to attend the respective information session,” Ms Thomson said. “There will be Council officers present who will be able to answer questions and provide information as well as take down any feedback or input residents and business owners may have.”

“As well as hearing people’s concerns, we hope to be able to provide information about drainage – not just drainage projects Council hopes to carry out but how drainage works in general,” she said.

Residents and business owners who want more information can contact Council on (03) 5832 9700.