Tuesday Tips

Posted on 15 Jun 2021

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It was published in June 2021, so the information may be out-of-date.


Branding tip – do you have your branding colours done? Perhaps you’ve chosen a colour like me (Tiffany Blue) – and it’s your major colour but you often wonder what colours would be suitable to go with it?

For some marketing or just shaking it up a bit?

If you use Canva – www.canva.com– have you discovered the resources at the bottom of the page – all do it with colour?

It’s a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration!

Just head to Canva (on a pc) – doesn’t matter whether you’re on the paid or free version – go to Design School, head down the bottom of that page (notice that that page has some amazing videos to help you with the platform – maybe come back to those), and look under resources.

Take 5 minutes out of your day and have a play – you are just going to love it. Again, so much inspiration in their for your branding – or at least the colour palette part of your branding!

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