Switch on Your SuperMind

Posted on 2 July, 2017

Overwhelmed by sheer volume and speed of data in our day to day, most of us try to do our best thinking on the run.

Under this kind of pressure our brains can go into overload and our thinking becomes scattered, foggy and fragmented, making it difficult to think, let alone be innovative!

What we need in those moments is to slow down our thinking and learn how to turn on the parts of our mind that are expert at solving complex problems creatively.

Through a simple sequence of practices called "Extrem3e Thinking®", anyone can learn how to access more insight based problem solving and to approach problems and challenges differently.

The ‘SHIFT! Switch on your SuperMind’ Workshop is designed to teach techniques for insight based problem solving, where solutions may emerge as a new lead for new enquiry, a felt shift in perspective, a breakthrough or an Aha! Moment.

Introductory sessions will take place at the Parklake Hotel, Shepparton on:

  • Wednesday 26th July 5.30 - 7.30 pm
  • Thursday 27th July 7-9am

For more information please refer to the attachment.


Contact: Business Centre on 03 5832 1100 or email us for more information.