Amendment C211 (Munarra Centre for Regional Excellence and the Shepparton Sports and Events Centre)  

Posted on 23 Jan 2019

Please note: this is an old article

It was published in January 2019, so the information may be out-of-date.

Greater Shepparton City Council has prepared Amendment C211 to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme.

The land affected by the Amendment includes the following:

  • the existing Shepparton Sports Stadium;
  • the proposed site for the Munarra Centre for Regional Excellence;
  • the Rumbalara Football and Netball Club; and
  • associated areas for drainage infrastructure.

Amendment C211 proposes to insert a new Incorporated Document titled Munarra Centre for Regional Excellence and Shepparton Sports and Events Centre, October 2018 in the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme. Further, the Amendment will introduce a Specific Controls Overlay on the land to guide the proposed development.

The Amendment is required to expedite the delivery of the new Munarra Centre for Regional Excellence (Munarra) and the Shepparton Sports and Events Centre (the SSEC). Munarra has received state government funding, which is linked to key milestones and specific timeframes for the delivery of the project. This Amendment will facilitate the timely delivery of the Munarra project.

The integrated facilities offered by Munarra and the SSEC will enable significantly expanded capacity to host major sporting, educational and cultural events, which will increase tourist visitation to the Shepparton area and would provide enhanced community infrastructure

Amongst other benefits to the region, the Amendment is expected to create over 80 direct and 300 indirect construction jobs and further ongoing jobs when complete.

You may inspect the Amendment, any documents that support the Amendment and the Explanatory Report about the Amendment, free of charge, at the following locations:

Any person who may be affected by the Amendment may make a submission to the planning authority. Submissions regarding the Amendment must be received by Monday, 4 March 2019.

In addition, the following date is available interested stakeholders to meet with Council officers to discuss the Amendment:

  • 10am to 1pm, and 1.30pm to 6pm, on Wednesday 6 February 2019

You can arrange a twenty minute appointment by calling the Building and Planning Department on (03) 5832 9730.